Friday, April 10, 2009

Handphone Nokia 5800 Express Music

Nokia made a new slap at the Xpress Music series. Series latest Nokia 5800 Xpress Music be different from the preceding. In the body there is no phone in the numeric keypad and navigation buttons to access the menu. All the menu is accessed via touch screen resolution 640 x 360 Pixels. Keys are three buttons below the screen to call, end call button and the menu. And the volume keys and direct access to the right camera phone.

Touch screen mobile phone with this iPhone had become rivals. However Dominikus Soesanto, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia affirm, Nokia 5800 rival iPhone is not, because it has a different segment. IPhone screen only reacts to the finger wipe hands, while the technology provided in the Nokia 5800 screen reacts to all kinds of pressure, both finger and stylus pen hand.

On the screen given accelerometer sensor, so it can be accessed in a landscape or portrait. When pressed, the screen is quite sensitive and good, and can react with the hand, stylus or plectrum (available in the sales package). At the top right there are symbols +>, which if pressed to function as direct access to the multimedia menus. In the standby mode, icon-like icon hours, connectivity and profile can also be access directly.

Name only Xpress Music, is certain features of music are so. The quality of sound when play music need not doubt. But if there is okay to listen via the headset. 8 frequency options are provided to maximize the sound Equalizer. In addition to the clear voice, the phone also offers the ease and create a playlist to play it. There are also musical entertainment via the FM radio that is able to accommodate 19 radio stations.

Leisure eye while browsing the Internet is protected with a screen resolution of 640x480 Pixels. Internet connection can run on the HSDPA network with speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. When internet connection is running, screen phone be able to display the history of web pages that have been accessed. There are three web pages that can be displayed in one screen. Settings for the internet connection is automatic, making it easier for use.

Strength of the camera that provided 3.2 MPix and is equipped with flash lights. Display results snap photos on the screen looks normal course, but moved to the computer so the quality does not disappoint. Camera and image settings are available ala Nokia standard, such as white balance, contrast, ISO, color tone, sharpness and other. All displayed in form of icon-icon and is accessed by pressing the screen. Results click on the camera can be shared with the Flickr web quickly and easily.