Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HP Nokia 6600 sliding | Slide Series

After a series of classes on the E66 was launched as a sliding mobile phone, Nokia has released Nokia 6600 sliding. This time Nokia 6600 slide for the middle class. Feature is far below the sliding E66 series. For the differences with the brothers with the same series ie 6600, Nokia added a slide on the back of your name, full name so this series is the Nokia 6600 Slide.

Not just sliding it so are the Nokia 6600 slide. Generally, mobile phone-sized sliding thick. However, this time Nokia is thin and the size. This is the Nokia Series sliding the most thin. In terms of features, security camera into the Nokia 6600. Stock 3.2 MP is enough to feel important monumentalize moment. Unfortunately the view using the inter-face UI Series 40 not 60 as the first series of 6600.

Thin enough for a phone that has the concept of sliding. Nokia 6600 slide thickness only 14 mm and is the most slim sliding mobile phone from Nokia. Black shroud that seemed to make this phone an exclusive. We also do not worry about scratches when blunt objects to save them in the pocket. Screen using a plastic material such as that integrates with the cover.

With light blue cover dominate the view. At the front there are 2 buttons with 4 main function buttons plus the four one-way in the middle of the blue too. When we slide the visible range of the standard keypad simply click on the fitting time. There is no difficulty when the button-pressing button.

There are two major ports that we can maximize its function. Have the right slot for charging. At the top there is a micro USB slot protected by a cover of plastic material.

Achieve the color quality of 16 million colors. Dimensional screen measuring 2.2 inches beresolusi 320 x 240 pixel TFT screen with technology. It looks very clear, including images captured camera Nokia 6600 slide. Any form of moving video images, is also not quite clear and sharpness.

Quality kameranya quite good. With 3.2 MP quality enough to be regarded monumentalize important moment. Moreover, additional support such as torch lights flash, will be very helpful if the zero object in a poor light.