Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NetBook Nokia

Nokia wants to participate produce long netbook sounded. Indications are growing stronger, after the CEO of Nokia to clarify the issue. Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallavuo said, in one event in New Delhi, India, if Nokia saw a great opportunity to join the netbook market enliven the more vivid now. Although not explicitly say Nokia raced at netbook segment, but Olli Pekka was very encouraging netbook Nokia.

"PCs and mobile phones created a big opportunity. And Nokia interested to bring the PC and phone," he said.

"Netbook that is part of the PC industry, providing ample opportunity for Nokia," said Pekka.

Unfortunately, the opportunity, the company is based in Finland, not to justify the outstanding issues if, newer products that will pitch in February next year.

In addition, other rumors also mentioned that Nokia will begin to make a netbook with Google's Android operating system. This desire is done Nokia, because Nokia 'conscious self'. Because indeed, been known as Motorola's largest mobile phone maker in the world, but not for the PC. For this reason, need a different approach and gradual.