Monday, August 31, 2009

Nokia N900

According Murtazin Eldar from, has spread the news about the appearance of image detail Nokia RX-51 or the tablet Nokia N900 Maemo 5 latest. However, not yet known whether the news directly from Motorola or not, because so far the party of Nokia is still a secret prototype device is the Nokia N900.

Eldar said, N900 Internet tablet device that has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and has a shape similar to the Nokia N97. While for the 5 megapixel camera N900 with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens F2.8 is no different as there is in the mobile phone Nokia N97, only the plus lens shutter to keep the lens from dust. Lens shutter feature is the only one to feature the Symbian S60-based phones are.

While the microSD card support up to 12GB on a panel hidden in the phone. Handset Nokia RX-51 or N900 has support 1320 mAh battery onboard. Smartphone Nokia N900 is built by using the processor ARM Cortex-A8 and carry 32GB of internal memory. There is also a microUSB jack to recharge the battery via the USB port of a PC and a TV-out. According to Eldar, the user interface, a smooth transition, the visual effects and features 800x480 pixel screen resolution non-touchscreen N900 was also more like the Apple iPhone. Browser application is running stable, and has support flash, video and applets. Your Nokia N900 is expected to be signed at the end of 2009 with prices ranging from 550 Euros or $ 783.