Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blackberry Onyx

Figure latest Blackberry Onyx is taken from Ad Marketing T-Mobile is being prepared, as well as the writings contained in the Ad precursor which concluded Blackberry Onyx as a mobile phone with a design Premium Black high-gloss and contour skin on back of the phone, while also have features such as 3G for fast browsing, Wi-Fi, Voicemail and Email Client, integrated applications such as Blackberry App World including the Amazon MP3 Store for downloading music with ease and TeleNav GPS navigator as a guide.

The plan will Blackberry Onyx released this November by T-Mobile, until now the name Onyx is still in use for this phone, like Blackberry 9700 name will still appear on the back of this blackberry phone. Rumor: There is a difference between the Blackberry Onyx specification of the release of individual operators like AT & T will release Onyx uses the same processor with the Blackberry Bold 9000, while T-Mobile with a different processor, but it seems that devices released by T-Mobile will prevail throughout the world, all waiting for RIM announced the certainty of it all, including the naming right for this blackberry.

Is Blackberry Onyx, or Blackberry 9700 or Blackberry Bold 9700?