Monday, September 7, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.1a Valkyrie Update 1+ Clamav (624.796 virus)

Finally I provide a download link PCMAV 2.1A Update Build 1, this time in version 2.1A to further increase the virus database which can be detected then my PCMAV virus combined with a database of Clamav Antivirus. If you are going to try it you can read how in the readme.txt (in the download package). There is enough clear manual. But if you do not want to be bothered and wanted to download so you can download it at the link I provide below (first way) or 3 times a download (the latter). PCMAV Version 2.1A I integrate with engine Clamav 0.95.2 (latest for now). With this joint (the first way) then the virus database (total) to 624,796 viruses. Most likely will be greater numbers by the second.

Note: For the combined Clamav PCMAV and I did the steps listed in the readme.txt. As an alternative because some steps in the readme.txt not the way you can download the file Microsoft.VC80.CRT then place in folder / plugins / clamav.


* The first (1 x download-size files + - 25 MB)
o Download PCMAV 2.1A Update Build 1 + Clamav: Link (.
* The second (3 x download)
o Download this file (. or this (. size 2.9 MB, then extract
o Download the main database Clamav here (20 MB), and daily Clamav database here (1.9 Mb), then place (combined with other files there) two files in the folder / plugins / clamav in the extract of the first file. Use the IDM (Internet Download Manager) or FDM (Free Download Manager) to speed up downloading this database), if you do not have IDM can download here
o The second way is likely to result in the detection of more than the first way because the database is up to date, and is also likely to be much faster because the virus database files Clamav support IDM and FDM)


If PCMAV RTP can not run (error), then try deleting files in RTPScan.dll and RTPSvc.exe c: \ windows \ system32.