Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition

Maintain its position in the mobile phone industry, Nokia continues to expand its portfolio with the spawn-capable phones special. Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition was one of the largest mobile phone maker discussed Finland's origin.

Rely on the ability of integrated Nokia Maps, with GPS technology is fully supported, the company ensures that the Nokia 2710 will be a new breakthrough in the market with cheap price

Mobile phone maker with the largest market share in the world was convinced that this new phone will be absorbed very well in the markets of developed and developing countries. From the urban environment, small towns, including remote areas though.

Same with phones other GPS technology, the Nokia 2710 is also provided a map image display quite friendly with easy navigation. Supported by an integrated digital compass, and even a car driver can get directions with voice guidance path management.

However, this phone not only provide navigation services. Nokia also does not rule out the phone and SMS services as basic services of a mobile phone. But, when you decide to buy this phone, before you need to ensure local locations you want to go if the technology infrastructure has been reached.

With Nokia Maps, Nokia seeks to provide navigation coverage is more extensive and aggressive than its competitors to expand in new countries.

Associated costs and availability of data services depends on the telecommunication, sometimes limited. Relevant maps have been embedded in the phone, anticipating at any moment if the phone loses the Internet connection, navigation service can still be used.

VIVAnews launched from Cellular News, the estimated price of the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition is approximately 110 euros or the equivalent USD 1.5 million-an, and marketed a new beginning in the second quarter of 2010.