Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blackberry 8910 Atlas

After removing Blod newest series, Research in Motion (RIM) is rumored to be releasing a new BlackBerry Curve from the family. Latest Blackberry Curve Blackberry comes with a 8910 Atlas

Although still an issue, but the appearance Blackberry 8910 Atlas in the form of images and specifications have been leaked and spread on the Internet. As quoted Crackberry, Blackberry 8910 Atlas already uses the operating system version 5.0.4 +. Other changes in this Atlas is, abandonment of a trackball which replaced the model trackpad.

Glance's view of 8910 Curve is more similar to the Blackberry 8900 just released. However, a qwerty keyboard that rely on Bold 2 is different from the Atlas. Because in 8900 more than 8910 Nyama. The phone is also equipped with intenal 256mb memory, processor power 624mHz with 3.2MP camera.

However, the amendment's most ditiadakannya attention is 3G-powered networks. This means that Atlas has only limited ability to EDGE. Just as RIM embedded in Gemini. But unfortunately, a Canadian manufacturer is not known price Atlas, as cheap as Gemini or not.