Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Motorola Charm

Motorola prepares Android phone Motoblur similar to that already changed. Motorola Charm candybar-style shaped like a BlackBerry. The most distinct feature of Charm is offered by Motorola is a stylish candybar phone like a brick with a full Qwerty keyboard below the screen.

Motorola Charm layout similar to that used some of the most popular BlackBerry models.

The images reveal leaked by Engadget's mobile phone named Charm Motoblur have a new version which is the "skin" made by Motorola, to change the standard features of Android.

Charm Motorola's focus on social networking and personal communication.

With the new Motoblur, users will be able to change the screen size of their widgets. While Facebook and Twitter widget will get the increased functionality, and there will be seven different screen.

Charm Motorola will also fully support the Android 2.1.

Motorola is one of the most productive of hardware support for Android. The company was officially announced Motorola Droid last week, Motorola Android device whose sales are currently the best on the market.